In four simple steps, the configuration of the standby cluster unit can be restored via the primary unit.

Reset to factory settings
  • Factory settings reset
    conf t
    configure factory-default
  • Saving the configuration
    copy run start
  • Restarting the standby cluster unit
Remove the default values
  • Remove unneeded factory defaults
    conf t
    no dhcpd address management
    no dhcpd enable management
    no http management
  • Configuring the hostname and domain name
    conf t
    hostname „Name des Clusters“
    domain-name „Name der Domain“
  • Erase the old RSA certificate and create a new RSA certificate
    conf t
    crypto key zeroize rsa
    crypto key generate rsa „labelname“ modulus 2048
Configure failover and synchronisation interface
  • Attention: The planned cluster interface for the failover could not be touched configuratively until now. Otherwise this interface cannot be used for the "Fail over Lan" and "Synchronisation" function. Configuration of the functions of the standby cluster.
    conf t
    failover lan unit secondary
    interface „Interface-Name“
    no shutdown
    failover lan interface SYNC „Interface-Name“
    failover interface ip SYNC „IP-Primär“ „Netzmaske“ standby „IP-Standby“
    failover key „langes Passwort“
    failover link SYNC
  • Activate permanent synchronisation of the configuration. Attention: A synchronisation of certificates between the two cluster units is not carried out.
    conf t
Securing the configuration
  • Saving the current configuration
    write memory